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posizionamento indicizzazione web marketing motori di ricerca

The Googlerankings Search Engine Optimization link directory

Below you may find our subjective selection of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) related link resources on the Web sorted by categories (tools, tips, blogs and forums) and ordered by our preference and their Google PageRank. Our visitors may suggest new links using the Idea Bin.

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SEO Tools

Google Alerts

Enter a search term or domain (your website for example) that you wish to track and Google will notify you each time when it finds a new reference on the Internet

Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Sandbox

If you want to run an Adwords you should consider Google's keyword suggestion tool. It will offer a bunch of similar keywords and thus help you optimize your ad spendings

Google Suggest

Start typing in the search query and Google will suggest similar search terms and tell you how many results you get for each term

Google Sponsored links

Do a search in Google and display sponsored link results only. Extremely useful when you are trying to find the proper wording for your Adwords or want to see how the competition is doing

Overture's search term popularity tool

Query Overture's database and find out how many search queries did a keyword get last month. Useful for selecting which keywords to target

Touchgraph Google Browser

Type in a URL and see which sites are related to it in a 3D graphic view. Requires Java

Poodle Predictor

See how your website description will look in Google results. Sometimes a bit inaccurate but useful when you want to tweak things a bit


Check the latest Google results for a query. For example by typing in your domain name you may find out if your latest page has been indexed yet

SEO Tips

Google Information Webmasters

Basic thumb rules directly from Google

SEO Chat

Major SEO portal with lots of quality SEO news and tips


SEO portal with many useful articles, tools and links

Sitewizard SEO tips

Some of the basic rules explained

Google SEO Ranking Factors

Extensive list of positive and negative ranking factors

Generic SEO tips

A bit old but still covers the Pros and Cons of SEO

SEO Blogs

Searchenginewatch Blog

All kinds of search engine related news, excellent coverage

GoogleGuy Says

Google news and rumors commented by an alleged Google employee

Livingroom SEO Blog

News and views on major search engines

Search Engine Marketing Blog

Short on-the-point SEO news. By Peter Da Vanzo

Abakus SEO Blog (German)

The leading German SEO blog

SeoBook.com by Aaron Wall

Interesting rants about Google and its competitors

Beanstalk SEO Blog

Generic SEO related news

SEO Forums

SEOchat forum
Highrankings Forum
Digitalpoint Forums
Webproworld Forum
Sitepoint's SEO Forum
Searchenginewatch forums
Sitepoint's Google forum